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Only certified warriors may purchase challenge-specific pins and patches.

If for any reason your ride is rejected by the assessors, your order will not be processed, and the money will be refunded to your account.

PASSMASTER 3: Complete rides on 3 mountain  passes

PASSMASTER 7: Complete rides on 7 mountain  passes

PASSMASTER 11 : Complete rides on 11 mountain  passes

HIGH RIDER: Reach an altitude of 2500 meters on a motorcycle


SUBZERO: Ride 100 km or 63 miles within 3 hours in a temperature of 5°c / 41°f or below

NOMAD: Ride 200 km or 125 miles within 3 hours in a temperature of 40°c / 104°f or above


ROUTE 66: Ride 2000 Km / 1243 miles on Route 66 within one week.

PACIFICO: Ride 950 km or 591 miles on the pacific coast highway within one week. 

VIKING: Ride 250 km / 156 miles (NO highways), or 500 KM / 373 miles (with highways) within one week on any coastal road. 


MARCO POLO : Ride a motorcycle in 10 countries

VASCO DA GAMA: Ride a motorcycle in 20 countries

CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS : Ride a motorcycle in 30 countries




Patches- Conquering Places

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