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Can I get a challenge certification for a ride I have done in the past?

Yes! If your past ride is eligible for certification, and as long as you have all the proof listed on the requirements page of your specific ride (photos, receipts...), you can apply for back-dated rides certification.

Who can apply for a certification?

Wheel Warriors certifications are open to any biker who owns, rents or borrows a bike of any make and model.

Why is my application is "on hold" or "not validated"?

There may be several reasons why an application might "on hold" or "not validated": - Missing information: Our assessors think your challenge is valid but some information is missing. In this case, the application is "On Hold" and our team will get in touch and request additional information before validating the challenge. - Falsified documents: Our assessors believe that your documents are not authentic. You will be disqualified from the challenge you have applied for. - Non-conformity: Your ride is not consistent with the requirements of the certificate you have applied for.

Should I inform "Wheel Warriors" when I intend to take a challenge?

You are NOT required to inform us before taking any challenge. The last thing we want is to put pressure on you before a challenge. Make sure you wait for the perfect weather conditions, best route selections and buddy support before you take the ride. If you know that you will be taking a challenge soon, review carefully the requirements, print the rules and make sure you gather all the required proof.

Will my certification kit fee be refunded in case my challenge is not validated?

Your payment will be reversed from our side within 4-5 days from the date of rejection. A non-refundable admin fee of 10$ will be charged. The refund might take some time to appear back in your accont, as banks around the world have different policies. You may choose to keep the amount in your account as credit for your next challenge validation.

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