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Conquering SPEED
3 Challenges

The Wheel Warrior Track racers


ROAD RUNNER: Ride on 3 different race tracks

SPEEDY GONZALES: Ride on 5 different race tracks

SUPER SONIC: Ride on 10 different race tracks


Visit the Application page and select your requested challenge to fill the form

Fill the online form after the completion of the challenge. You can download a copy of the form for reference and information. Make sure you register the following information when riding on the track:

  • Type of motorcycle, make and year

  • Date of each ride

  • Receipts from the tracks, photos, videos.

  • Details of the tracks: Location, address, website...

The tracks must be officially licensed tracks, with valid proof of existence: website, Facebook page, online mention, real address / phone number...

Please submit any other documentation that can help us certify your challenge.

Our expert assessors will review and audit your submission documents. In case the above-mentioned information is not complete / satisfactory, they may require additional information and proof to validate your ride.

Wheel Warriors Motorcycle challenges
Wheel Warriors Motorcycle challenges
Wheel Warriors Motorcycle challenges
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