Conquering distance
8 Challenges

The Wheel Warriors Endurance Rides


Wheel Warrior 500 : Ride 500 Km or 311 miles within 8 continuous hours 

Wheel Warrior 750 : Ride 750 Km or 466 miles within 10 continuous hours 

Knight Rider : Ride 750 Km or 466 miles overnight within 10 continuous hours - Departure  7-9 PM

Wheel Warrior 1000 : Ride 1000 Km or 621 miles within 12 continuous hours

Wheel Warrior 1500 : Ride 1500 Km or 932 miles within 24 continuous hours

XTrEME 1500 : Ride 1500 Km or 932 miles within 20 continuous hours

Wheel Warrior 2500 : Ride 2500 Km or 1554 miles within 30 continuous hours

XtREME 2500 : Ride 2500 Km or 1554 miles within 24 continuous hours

Additional requirements:

Fill the online form after the completion of the challenge. You can click to download a copy of the form for reference and information.  Visit the Application page and select your requested challenge to fill the form

Remember to record the following information at the start of your ride, and throughout the challenge.

  • Starting odometer, departure location, date & time (hours and minutes)

  • Arrival odometer, arrival location, date & time (hours and minutes)

  • Total mileage achieved

Copies of your petrol receipts clearly showing date and time, odometer reading and plate number, at each of the following stops:

  • The petrol station of departure

  • Petrol stations at each stop

  • Petrol station where you ended your ride (in case no petrol stations are in the proximity, you may submit a grocery store/restaurant receipt or any time-stamped receipt)

Photos of your starting and ending odometer, and at each stop (photos taken with your phone are accepted)

A clear copy of the map, or a web link to the route(s)

Any other proof/receipt/photo/video that can help our assessors expedite the validation process...


  • The same road shall not be traveled more than once in each direction.

  • You may apply for more than one challenge certificate at the same time if you fulfill the requirements of the requested rides. For example, if you have completed the WW 1000 that consists of riding 1000 KM in 12 continuous hours , you may qualify for WW 500, WW 750, and WW 1000. Additionally, if you have traveled 750 KM out of these 1000 KM within 10 hours between 7 PM and 7 AM, you will also qualify for the Knight Rider achievement. 

Our expert assessors will review and audit your submission documents. In case the above-mentioned information is not complete / satisfactory, they may require additional information and proof to validate your ride.

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