Challenges Overview:

Our challenges fall under 4 different categories, each focusing on a different skill set. Have a look at their requirements and find which adventure is calling your name. Applying for a certificate is easy and straightforward. The steps are outlined below: 

1- Check the page of the challenge and carefully read the requirements.

2- After completing the ride, visit our website and go to the submission page.

3- Fill out the online form and upload required documentation.

4- Pay the certification fee (USD 49) to finalize your submission. The fee covers the Warrior Basic Package which includes your certificate, 1 challenge pin, 1 challenge patch. More information on packages and pricing can be found here.

5- Wait for our assessors to review your ride documentation. 

6- Warrior challenges exclusive pins and patches cannot be bought from our public store, and are only available to Warriors who have successfully completed a challenge.

A collection of endurance challenges for riders with high stamina. Each ride has a set of rules determining, among other criteria, specific distance and duration.

8 Challenges
Conquering distance
Conquering PLACES

A collection of challenges that put you to the test within a specific natural environment, and factors determining altitude, weather, landscapes...   

9 Challenges
Conquering numbers

A collection of challenges that prove that numbers matter. Prove the loyalty of the tribe with these fun challenges that bring you and your brothers/sisters even closer.

11 Challenges
Conquering speed

A collection of challenges that help you master the technical skills and discover new cities that have race tracks...

3 Challenges
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